Professional measuring heads for unmanned aerial vehicles and mobile construction

Unified System

The system of gathering and presenting measurement data esures continuous supervision over the quality of the environment by providing data in any form. At the same time, the system role is to give a warning if the boundry value is exceeded.

Measuring heads

Proprietary measuring heads designed for unmanned aerial vehicles are a professional solution supporting anti-smog activities.

Calibration of sensors

In order to provide the reliability of the measurement, each of the sensors is periodically calibrated, which significantly increases the value of the measurement data.

Environmental reports

Our specialists are able to provide you with developed data in the form of an environmental report, which is the ground for taking actions to improve the quality of the surrounding environment.

Air pollution is a serious problem that must not be ignored. This issue also concerns Europe, despite stricter emission standards and high concern for the environment. Air pollution has been recognized by the European Commission as the second most important environmental problem - right after climate change, which is also related to the impact of human activities on the composition of the atmosphere.

It is also one of the main reasons for the premature death and many lung and heart diseases. The estimated death rate is around 400,000 per year. Even relatively short contact with some air pollutants can cause deterioration of lungs performance, infection of the respiratory tract or exacerbation of asthma. Negative effects on fertility, pregnancy and health of newborns and children have also been recorded. There is an increasing number of evidence, which shows a link between air pollution and type 2 diabetes, systemic inflammation, Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Apart from the deterioration of human health and climate change, air pollution can lead to destruction of monuments and other cultural goods. Depending on the type of substance in the air, it can accelerate corrosion, biodegradation, loss of color, or simply cause the pollution through the accumulation of dust.

All this factors, taking into account cost of medical care, reducing people's productivity and reducing agricultural yields, have a considerable impact on the economic situation of European countries. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) predicts that by 2060 the costs and losses associated with air pollution can devour up to 2% of European GDP. In addition to this, factors difficult to evaluate like those associated with the deterioration of people's quality of life as a result of bothersome ailments, environmental pollution and climate change, should be added.

The growing awareness among European authorities regarding to the role played by the air quality for the economy and EU citizens is accompanied with intensification of legislative actions aimed at minimizing the emission of harmful volatile substances and dust. We can expect that in the following years the pressure on environmental protection and air monitoring will substantially increase. Therefore, it seems reasonable to invest in professional measuring equipment for testing the composition of the atmosphere and for taking air samples at different altitudes.

AirDron - elements of the anti-smog monitoring system

AirDron is a measuring head designed for real-time air pollution testing and sampling for laboratory analysis. It has been constructionally prepared to integrate with an unmanned multi-rotor ship. However, the measuring head can also work autonomously. The solution provides wireless communication with a ground station, where by means of dedicated software you can visualize the results of measurements and remotely control the operation of the head. The particles are classified by size in 16 intervals, which enables precise estimation of the PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 fractions. Gas sensors are selected individually, according to the customer needs in terms of measured substances, measuring ranges and accuracy.

Product Sheet

Type: Hexacopter

Weight (with sensor and gimbal): 9,400 g

Size: 940 mm

Number of arms: 6

Material: carbon fiber, aluminum, composites

Type of chassis: solid

Dimensions when unfolded: 1370x1370x450 mm

Dimensions after folding: 500x400x450 mm

Frame: foldable, automatically locked

Installation of the equipment: from below

Colors: according to customer needs

Battery: 22,000 mAh (1)

Safety functions (discharge, loss of communication)

Possibility of flight at night

Service: 1 person, with the possibility of service for 2 people

MTOW: 15kg

Horizontal hovering accuracy: ± 1.5m

Maximum slew: 45 °

Maximum speed: 85km / h

Maximum wind speed: 14m / s

Maximum rate of climb: 5m / s

Maximum rate of descent: 5m / s

smart flight modes

Mission planning, "Touch and fly" function

Intelligent return to the starting point

Flight time (with sensor and gimbal): 25 min.

Defining flight speed

Operating temperature range: -10 ÷ 45 ° C

Storage temperature: 10-30 ° C

Ready to start: <5 min

UAV parameters panel:
radio signal strength;
number of satellites;
battery condition at ground control station;
battery condition in UAV;
UAV distance;
UAV height;
UAV speed;
UAV rate of climb;
text message window, speech synthesizer;
air temperature of tested gases NEW

Mission Planer:


Functions implemented by the mission planning module:

load the mission;
read the mission;
mission start;
clear the mission;
stop the mission;
reset the mission;
fly to the indicated point;
fly to the indicated height.

Chemical detection panel:

full registration of chemical data and BSP location;
reconstruction of the flight along with chemical data;
individual selection of data for measurement; NEW
taking pictures on the operator's monitor. NEW
chemical data;
BSP location (information on which object the measurements were taken);
photo of the chimney from which we record dust;
map background.

The central measuring system allows the integration of sensor networks and the presentation of collected data. The clear and intuitive way of presenting data enables a trouble-free interpretation of the results. The system has reporting features, exceeding warnings and access to archive data.

The measuring head can be equipped with any set of sensors. This is the list of basic measuring elements that can be built into the AirDron head.

List of sensors

BlueDust - a mobile air quality laboratory


Intervention and area measurements

Controlling the level of air pollution, especially in cities, is presently a necessity for health reasons. The exhaust gases get into the environment from various sources - sometimes difficult to access with conventional research methods. Few people realize that the biggest source of pollution is not cars or factories, but households. Currently, there is virtually no control over the burnt fuels in domestic central heating stoves. That is why Krakow is one of the three most polluted cities in Europe. At the beginning of 2014, the idea of creating drones to study the level of air pollution arose in our company. In addition to testing the current level of harmful to health substances in the air, the drone also collects information about using prohibited for heating materials. The machines will be useful to public institutions (local government units) or law enforcement services (police, city guards).

- Currently, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment (July 2017), the assessment of air quality should take into account such components as:

- Selection of high quality measuring devices equivalent to reference devices

- Periodically checking measuring devices with reference devices maintaining the quality of the measurement at an appropriate level

- Providing systematic, continuous supervision over measurement results

- Ensuring proper selection of measurement locations.


The anti-smog monitoring system meets all of the ministry's recommendations listed above, providing reliable data, alerting about exceedances, and providing real tools to fight for clean air.


Low emission measurements

We provide a professional mobile monitoring service for measuring air pollution caused by PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulate matter which contribute to the formation of SMOG, extremely dangerous for our health.

A comprehensive mobile system created by our company to indicate concentration of dangerous particulate level is implemented by using dedicated specialized measuring equipment. The measuring tool is a device enabling simultaneous measurement of PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter. It is regularly serviced and checked to maintain constant quality control of measurements. The concentration results obtained from the measurements can give you the answer whether there is a problem with particulate matter level at a given measurement location and whether there is a need to carry out further measurements and introduce, e.g. boiler inspections. As part of the service, you will receive information on actual particulate concentrations (hourly report) and meteorological parameters that allow you to determine the direction of air mass inflow. The whole system is mounted on a special car adapted to perform this type of order.


Examples of using the anti-smog measurement system

A professional air measurement system allows monitoring of conditions in various locations. The possibility of equipping measuring heads with different types of sensors significantly extends the intended use of the system.

Softblue SA Research and Development

Until now, SoftBlue SA  possess the status of Research and Development Center granted by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology Department of Supervised and Subordinate Units in Warsaw based on decision No. 7 / CBR / 16 of August 29, 2016.. Currently, we focus on the robust development of our Research and Development Department, which is the basis for innovation in the implementation of interdisciplinary projects in the areas of biotechnology, ICT and programming. The R&D department develops processes and products in the field of new technologies and at the same time effectively combines the ideas of science and business. As part of the research and development department, fully equipped and supported by qualified staff laboratories operate:


IT laboratory

Mechanical laboratory

Electronic laboratory

Chemical laboratory


Modern technical solutions are created in our company as a result of the works of the R&D department. Then they are  implemented in commercial solutions that are responses to the growing needs of our clients.  Due to great competence, experience and commitment to ongoing R&D projects, SoftBlue SA is an excellent partner in projects requiring the participation of scientific units.

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Intervention measurements

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